Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

The American Dream, revisited

Wisconsin has voted: the Repub retard Walker stays onboard as governor of that lost state. Martin Klingst over at Zeit online tries to analyze this fact and to construct some case out of it. Obama should be afraid, he tells us, Republicans are coming for him now, ohoho! But his analysis is wrong. It's wrong in every conceivable way. There's nothing to fear, at least not for Obama, at lest not at the time being. We should be afraid, oh yeah. But the Killer In Chief's days are not yet over, far from it.

Here's what the Wisconsin recall-election tells us: Obama's a creature of the ruling capitalists. Walker is a creature of the ruling capitalists. Obama's office isn't endangered by the affirmation of Walker, and the Repubs are no danger to Obama as well, as long as he continues to do the bidding of his overlords in the shadows.

The only thing that Wisconsin tells us is that the general populace (at least of Wisconsin, in all likelihood of the entire United States) is so dumbed-down by corporate media nonsense by now that they vote against their own best interests. Tell you what, it's indeed no surprise at all, they did that every four years already all the way from the 2000 election. What you say? That one was stolen? Who cares - the capitalists' pet dog won, so everything came out right, and the capitalists' pet dog now has won again and is allowed to remain governor of Wisconsin, and the capitalists' pet dog will win a third time, and will keep the office of President of the United States. It's as easy as that.

So, don't try to find any more meaning than there is. We're fucked. Someone else rules. It ain't no secret anymore. It's a big club and you ain't in it. Good night and good luck.